Video: Making breakfast sausage

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Homemade Breakfast Sausage

by Scott Gregg
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This will show you how to make home made breakfast sausage.
If you have a grinder of any kind you can do this. It’s easy and you get a much higher quality than you can buy in the store for the same or less money!
I am using the mild sage breakfast sausage mix from I have had nothing but GREAT luck with his products and there will be several more videos coming using some more of them.
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Video: Corning Venison

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Corned Venison Recipe (For Reuben Sandwiches!)

by Scott Gregg
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This is how to make a venison roast into corned venison!
This delicious and easy corned venison can be used in all kinds of things but makes great sandwich meat out of your deer roasts!
We used corned beef mix and #1 pink salt cure from to make this.
It only took a couple hours of actual work and is VERY SIMPLE!
Spice mix and cure from
Get the Corned Beef/Venison Seasoning Mix: Here

Video: Making Summer Sausage

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Venison Summer Sausage!

by Scott Gregg
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Summer Sausage 101!
This will take you through the process of making venison summer sausage from ground deer meat (with 10% beef fat in the grind) using a summer sausage spice mix from
Papa Greco’s kits are made using old world recipes and the ones I have tried so far are nothing short of amazing!
Making summer sausage requires a few pieces of equipment to do it well:

You can smoke it or use your oven and slow cook it at between 160 – 175*F until you reach an internal temperature of 150-152. This keeps you from rendering the fat and keeps the sausage moist!

Get the Summer Sausage Seasoning Mix: Here

Video: Making Teriyaki snack sticks and burgers

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Venison Snack sticks and Burgers TERIYAKI!

by Scott Gregg
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We made up a batch of Papa Greco’s Teriyaki snack sticks and burgers. This stuff is AMAZING!
Making your own burgers and snack sticks is easy. Here is EVERYTHING we used in making this video:
  • Papa Greco’s Teriyaki Seasoning Mix. Papa Greco’s has some of the best sausage mixes you’ll find anywhere!
  • Masterbuilt MES40 electric smoker
  • Wedgie Smoker and pellets:
  • LEM #12 Meat Grinder
  • Hakka Bros 15# Sausage Stuffer
  • Vacmaster VP215 Vacuum Sealer

Acquiring all this gear is a big expense but well worth it. I got mine one at a time over several years and now I have everything I need. Buy GOOD equipment! Save up if you need to and buy it once. Good stuff will last a lifetime!

Get the Teriyaki Seasoning Mix: Here

Video: Making a corned venison Reuben sandwich

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PERFECT Reuben Sandwich (At home!)

by Scott Gregg
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Classic Reuben sandwich made with corned beef or corned venison is easy to do at home!
Bursting with flavor, this sandwich will compete with any you’ve ever had. Making it with your own harvested venison roast makes it even better.
Corned beef/Venison recipe here:
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Get the Corned Beef/Venison Seasoning Mix: Here

Video: Making Italian Sausage

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EASY (and Amazing!) Homemade Italian Sausage

by Scott Gregg
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Mike Greco sent me his Italian Sausage Seasoning mix and it is the original recipe of herbs and spices that his grandfather brought from Italy. (and it is AMAZINGLY GOOD!)

These are the links to the equipment I used:

  • The Grinder I used is a kitchner made for NH Northern that is about 10 years old. They run about $100 and mine has gone through hundreds of grinding days. Here is a link to one just like it:
  • The 5# Stuffer is also a kitchner and runs about $100. Stuffing with a grinder is a PAIN! Get a stuffer. This is a great investment:
  • Burger Press, A “Must Have” for banging out your own great patties one after another!
  • Handy Wax burger wax paper:
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