Pepperoni Seasoning Mix


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  • 1 Pepperoni Seasoning Mix package – 10 lb meat
  • Bulk (5) – seasons up 50 lbs of spicy pepperoni.
  • Pepperoni Kit – includes (1) package of Pepperoni Seasoning Mix and (1) package of meat cure.

The seasoning is packaged by an FDA inspected and approved spice company in foil lined packages to stay fresh longer.

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Save 35% with bulk ordering! Separately this would cost $45.00 – buying in bulk saves you $15.75!

I like to make a PIZZA sausage with my pepperoni seasoning mix. I make the sausage exactly as stated on the package but before casing the meat into the 2.5″ fibrous casings I add a jar of Ragu Pizzaquick sauce and 1 lb of high temperature mozzarella cheese. Umm, Umm good!

1 single seasoning packet has enough mix to season 10 pounds of meat into delicious pepperoni. Great as either snack sticks, in traditional casings (38-40mm) or as a sausage chub like summer sausage.

Pepperoni is a cured and cooked sausage. Use 2 teaspoons of meat cure (sold with the pepperoni kit) and cure for a few days. Then case in either 21mm collagen casings for snack sticks, in 38-40mm natural hog casings for traditional pepperoni, or in 2.5″ fibrous casings for a sausage chub similar to summer sausage.

Once in casings you cook in a very slow oven (about 160-170 degrees) until the meat reaches 160 degree. Use a meat thermometer to determine when it is done. It can take about 2-3 hours for the snack sticks, 3-4 hours for the hog casings, and about 12 hours for the sausage chub. This is all that is needed for the snack sticks and sausage chub, but for the traditional pepperoni, you should hang it and let it dry until it gets hard. The area you hang it should be over freezing (32 F) and under 45 F.

To safely make pepperoni you must use 11.34 grams (approximately 2 teaspoons) of meat cure which is available here –  Meat Cure. You can also buy both the seasoning and meat cure together as a kit, which saves you money.

The seasoning is packaged by an FDA inspected and approved spice company in foil lined packages to stay fresh longer.

All seasonings are sold in individual packages, as kits, or as bulk. The kits and bulk orders will save you money! Also, if you would like to order in a larger quantity than I have listed (either of the same seasoning or of a combination of seasonings) please contact Papa Greco at [email protected] for a quote, depending on the quantity you can save a lot of money on large orders.

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